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About Pipho Trans

Incorporated in 1975 by Merle and Helen Pipho, Pipho Transportation started as a bulk milk hauler in the State of Arizona. In 1991, Dan Matich acquired the business after working for the Pipho.s since 1975. Since then, Pipho Transportation has grown into three separate corporations:

Pipho TransPipho Milk Transport, Inc. . a trucking company which hauls bulk milk; Pipho Freight Transportation, Inc. . a trucking company which hauls refrigerated and frozen food products in 48 states;

Dan Matich, Inc. dba DMI Logistics . a full-service freight brokerage. Pipho Milk Transport is currently operating with nine day cab tractors. Pipho Milk currently employees 17 drivers and three office staff. It is contracted with United Dairyman of Arizona to haul bulk milk for their producers. We are currently hauling two million pounds of milk daily.

Pipho Freight Transportation is currently operating with eleven sleeper tractors, one day cab tractor, 18 refrigerated trailers, and five full-time owner/operators. Pipho Freight currently employees 12 drivers and six office staff. It specializes in hauling truckload and LTL refrigerated and frozen food products. Pipho Freight started in 1989 with one truck hauling LTL freight out of Southern California and Arizona. It expanded in 1993 to include service into Northern California, Nevada, and El Paso, Texas. In 2004, the company grew to include 48 states.

Dan Matich, Inc., dba DMI Logistics was incorporated in 2000, but did not really begin operation until 2005. DMI Logistics was started in conjunction with Pipho Freight to handle all brokerage freight.

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